10 Year stamp RedWe are industry experts in the planning and delivery of events and provide sound advice and management expertise to ensure our client’s projects achieve their personal, marketing or business objectives and are delivered on time, within budget and with flair.  Successful events require a high level of organisation to ensure maximum enjoyment and engagement.  We manage projects from conception to completion providing expertise, creativity and a healthy respect for the financial bottom line.

Once the Event Concept has been established and objectives are clear, the Event Planning Process can commence, turning your vision into an accountable project.  We use customised planning tools for maximum efficiency and transparency including Critical Paths, Comprehensive Budgets and Marketing Plans.

Throughout the life of an event consistent reporting is needed to keep you abreast of developments.  360 Degree Events will provide detailed reports during the planning and management stages of the project and will ensure that you have a comprehensive post-event report which will be referenced against your initial objectives. 

We deliver on time, on budget.

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