CIAL China Southern Airlines

Breakfast Celebration


To welcome China Southern Airlines to Christchurch and strengthen international relations through the provision of an official signing ceremony and breakfast.


Hosted at the Hagley Oval Pavilion, guest of Christchurch International Airport and China Southern Airlines were greeted bright and early for an official signing ceremony and breakfast.  Mayors from throughout the South Island along with Rt Hon John Key participated in the formalities and photo opportunities in front of invited guests and media.  The venue was enhanced with native NZ South Island imagery, plants and table enhancements to ensure a fresh and welcoming environment.  As the sun rose spectacularly over the Hagley Oval, invitees enjoyed a refreshing breakfast and further networking opportunities in celebration of this auspicious occassion.


This highly successful breakfast was well attended and much enjoyed by guests.  The event balanced a celebration with formalities, dignitaries and networking opportunities to strengthen international relationships and industry contacts for the client.