How to hire

Hourly Hire 

The Tait Technology Centre is unique offering hourly hire rates for the conference rooms and atrium (minimum booking 2 hours). Unlike block time zone charges at other venues, hourly rates offer flexibility and ensure that event budgets are kept as low as possible.

Hirers must ensure their booking period adequately covers all set-up, event and pack-down times as well as delivery and installation of any external theming, additional audiovisual or display materials.

For events that go beyond 5pm on weekdays or take place over the weekend, security personnel are required for health and safety reasons with associated costs on-charged to the hirer.

Venue hire charges vary based on the size of the room required. Bookings over 4 hours receive a 10% discount, while bookings over 8 hours attract a 15% discount.

How to Book

The Tait Technology Centre is managed by 360 Degree Events. Contact us today to check availability and to obtain a customised quote to suit your specific event requirements.

360 Degree Events
03 943 2238 

To assist with preparation of your customised quote please provide the following information at the time of enquiry:

• Preferred event date
• Type of event
• Hire period start and finish times (including adequate time for the set-up and pack-down)
• Anticipated number of guests
• Time of guest arrival
• Preferred seating configuration
• Any special audiovisual, theming or display requirements
• Catering requirements

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