Fletcher EQR Training


To train over 10,000 contractors working on the Christchurch rebuild in safety measures relating to identifying and working with asbestos. Each attendee needed to pre-register, attend the training sessions and be issued with a certification that would then grant them access to worksites around the city. The training was compulsory for all contractors and was part of the Safe6 programme. This required individual transactions to take place with each of the 10,000 plus attendees at the event.


To conduct smooth transactions with over 10,000 attendees as they pre-register, attend the training and receive their certifications in a timely manner, a number of systems and processes were put in place. To avoid lengthy queues and to ensure that the training did not impact on progress at worksites around the city, a number of sessions were held over a three day period.

Contractors were required to pre-register online using their Fletcher EQR contractor number for the session of their choice, their contractor number was then pre-loaded onto an electronic SMART card which they collected when they arrived at the training session. Upon entry into the arena all attendees were issued with an audience response handset which they inserted their personalised SMART card into. Throughout the training session attendees were required to answers a number of multiple choice questions using the handset. Their responses were automatically tracked and at the end of the session it was possible to see which attendees had passed and failed the training. Upon departure from the venue attendees were issued with a certification to show that they had the required knowledge to continue to work on the rebuild.


Over a three day period more than 10,000 contractors were trained and certified in safety measures relating to identifying and working with asbestos. This knowledge is potentially lifesaving and significantly improved the safety levels for staff at worksites all over the city.